This Weeks Favorite – Lucca

Little boys and pigeons just seem to go together, although Luca didn’t catch any pigeons he had enormous fun trying!

We of course had just as much fun watching his attempts, as he was only just walking the pigeons out paced him with no effort. This series of photos was taken in Lucca and it is one of my favorites of our time in Italy.

Fun, adventure and new experiences are the gifts we give our children when we travel…

We were warned by family and friends that traveling with such young children wasn’t wise, could be dangerous in fact, yet they survived and so did we.

This time the warnings are even more concerned as we are traveling through Vietnam, China, Mongolia and Russia… as a Mother I could listen and keep them safely wrapped in cotton wool or I could choose to live life and experience it fully with my family.

Guess which I choose?

How about you, what do you think about traveling with young children?

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  1. Melissa @Suger Coat It
    Melissa @Suger Coat It says:

    I think Mothers know best. No matter what we think otherwise about our own Mother. They make the best choices for us with the best information available to them. Right?

    I think what you are offering your children is so unique and generous, they will adore it.

    • Lisa Chiodo
      Lisa Chiodo says:

      I know what you mean Melissa, there are so many times I remember arguing with my Mother….she always stood strong and did her best. Now as an adult and a Mum I see how hard it is to not give in and always do what pleases your child.

      I know that Carina and Luca will grow so much through this journey and have the best time. What a way to learn about life and this amazing planet we all call home.
      ciao bella

    • Lisa Chiodo
      Lisa Chiodo says:

      Yes he is just sooooo sweet and this is one of my all time favorite photos.
      Luca in Lucca (still makes me laugh)
      ciao Lisa


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