Charlie Rizzo | New York

We are so lucky to have found Sam (Salvatore) Chiodo and to have had his invaluable help with buying our Italian home.

I love Piemonte and have spent more than thirty years dreaming of having a house there. I had some knowledge of house-buying processes in Italy, and I speak a little Italian, but I work full-time in the UK at the minute.

It was a huge relief to have Sam’s vast knowledge and his “personal touch” there on the ground once we found what was to become our Italian home.

Sam was totally flexible with what we needed him to do. He liaised with the estate agents, organised the geometra and the notaio, checked and sent documentation, did all the running around for us, and remained cheerful and calm through the various panic stages of buying.

The purchase process was quick by UK standards, but there were several difficulties relating to the documentation and the legal and local requirements.

Sam made a wonderful “go between” throughout the three months: he knew key people and quickly gained the respect of everyone involved.

He wasn’t afraid to challenge or to find out answers; he responded to our questions, coped with umpteen emails and phonecalls from us, found ways around every single stumbling block..… and after the house was finally ours, introduced us to his fabulous family and treated us as friends.

We feel very blessed now: not only do we have the beautiful Piemonte home of our dreams, we have lovely new friends nearby.

We would warmly recommend ‘Renovating Italian Property’ – caring, personal service, endless patience, good humour, knowledge, fantastic value. Thanks Sam, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Rhona & Angie | United Kingdom

Sam helped us through every step of the negotiations and purchase from start to finish, including signing of the documents for settlement.

It’s extremely helpful to have someone who is so well liked in the area and very familiar with the whole process who speaks Italian and English fluently.

We would recommend him to anyone looking to purchase their dream property in Italy.

Rob Pether | Australia

It is clear that Sam does not do what he does because of the money, he does it because he loves interfacing with new people and helping them.

Sam does his research in advance and comes reasonably well prepared, but one of Sam’s greatest strengths is that he is able to “think well on his feet”.   If he arrives to a location and things are not exactly as he expected, he is able to adjust and think of work-around solutions.

He is always willing to talk to anyone, and gets a lot of ‘insider’ information via his openness to communicate with any and every local he encounters.

Sam is willing to help in whatever capacity is needed… he goes above and beyond to assure that everything is taken care of.

The bottom line is that Sam does not just treat you as his “customer”, he treats you as his “friend”…. And I truly believe that he has the same level of involvement and personal-investment as if he were helping one of his close family members.

Charlie Rizzo | United States

I recently completed the buying process of our dream house in lake como Italy.

My wife and I had visited the area many times and always dreamt of buying a place that we could tidy up a bit ( nothing structural, just the cosmetic stuff) and spend time escaping the cold of winters in Tasmania, Australia.

This year we took the plunge and made contact with a real estate company that was advertising a house we had seen previously.

On a trip in June we inspected the house and made an offer, which was accepted.

Unfortunately we ran out of time to finalise the contract so the agent said this was not an issue, it can all be done via email from Tasmania.

Then the fun began.

The agent notifies us there are possible restrictions on Australians purchasing property in Italy. I had asked them this many times when in Italy and was told no restrictions for any foreign buyers.

So everything came to a stand still.

I cannot speak italian so trying to find out more about the issues was even harder.

I decided to search the internet and came across a website “Renovating Italy” run by an Australian couple. I thought that’s what I need an Aussie in Italy who can speak Italian.

I emailed my story and asked if they could help in anyway.

I immediately got a reply from Sam who said he’d be happy to help in anyway he could.

After a few emails and skype calls we worked out a PLAN to make the purchase happen.

Sam contacted different notary’s to clarify the position on restrictions, and found there were no issues.

Sam then became the middle man, between me and the agent making sure everything was provided correctly leading upto the purchase.

Having been involved in many house transactions he knew all the correct processes and information that must be provided.

The buying process is very different than in Australia and having someone that knows all the possible pitfalls made my wife and I a lot more relaxed. Especially when flying to Italy to do the transfer you want to know that everything is going to happen on that set date.

In the end the transfer went through with out a hitch.

My wife and I know that this would never have been possible without the help from Sam. The sale had come to a stand still and if it wasn’t for him out dream would never have happened.

It was great to finally meet Sam and his family on the day of the transfer and we enjoy a great home cooked meal and a night up in the mountains.

I will be keeping in contact with him in the future!

Darren Balmforth | Australia

The process was a little daunting but it all went through without a hitch and my Italian Dream is now a reality.

Sam helped me with the communications to buy the property, using an Italian notary and power of attorney on my behalf as I don’t speak Italian.

His ability to come up with solutions to get my project moving has been truly first class.

I would recomentd Sam to anyone and he has the cutting edge of understanding the culture, knowing where to get formal advice if needed and has made my dream house in Liguria possible.

Sireshan Khander | Australia

Thanks Sam we couldn’t have done it without you!

Rhona | United Kingdom

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