Veravo – Liguria

veravo house

'I roamed the countryside searching for answers to things I did not understand'  ~Leonardo da Vinci   Veravo is everything I dreamed it would be, wandering into the village I recognized the landmarks from Sams brief video made the day he bought the house. Curved staircases seemingly held up by air and luck, an large […] Read More

veravo italy

 Veravo, Italy Today for so many reasons I have Veravo on my mind. This little village holds many dreams and I thought I'd share a few images I created for myself.  Yes the last four images are of our house and as you can see it requires a bit of work to bring it to […] Read More

verandah italy

Italian Rustic Home No these are not our balcony, these are my inspiration photos for our Italian Rustic home. This is the image that will keep us slogging through the renovation. I can imagine our terrace looking just like this, sitting here reading a book and sipping a vino. Dining with friends and taking in […] Read More