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Italian Renovations – one step forward, two steps back and a big Dream

Italian Renovation

‘Remember why you Started’


Some days our Italian renovation,  even the dream home in Italy, has an overwhelming feel to it. Every single place I look something needs to be done. Where to start, what needs doing first, how’s the budget going? I find the best way to start is to visualize the end result. I have little visual areas in the house, places I can glance at through the day to give me a glimpse of how I imagine it will all be….one day soon.

On the day that Sam took these photos none of those little areas are in view, this is the reality of our house at this moment in time. Nothing changed, nothing moved for the photo or rearranged, just daily life in our rustic Italian renovation. It may never be glamorous, actually it’s highly unlikely that it will ever be glamorous, eclectic chic I like to call it.

So this is reality for now… imagination has plenty of room to play here, and I like to let it run wild.

house courtyard

house courtyard 2

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house kitchen

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house master

house guest

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house hall dbl

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house deck

house porch

house porch two

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I’ll continue to update you all on our Italian renovation, and the ups and downs along the way.

Don’t forget to dream, share your dream with us here…..I’d love for 50 dreams to come true!

we will be in Paris for my 50th next year … you’re ALL invited x

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The lost village – Abandoned in the Mountains

I thought tonight I would share with you all a little video from our time at Borga Nari, now you just need to bear in mind the following things

  • Big number one – this is not a professional video
  • I created this to send home to my family
  • if you wish you can forward to around 1:18 (you’ll miss our gorgeous daughter if you do)
  • I’d love it if you’d let me know your thoughts, more video, less video would you like to see inside our world?
  • continue on at your peril…..

So this clip was taken on an Autumn walk with my daughter Carina, we wandered down the trail behind the house to the stream passing the most incredible abandoned Borga which was almost totally hidden in the undergrowth.

The Yellow Farmhouse


It’s a bit hectic here with all the rush to finish off the house before Sam’s parents get here. I am in love with our Yellow Farmhouse here in the mountains. It’s strange to see the news about the heat in Australia when we are all rugged up here and have blankets up to the chin at night. Luca is constantly rosy cheeked.

Nobody wants to be first to get up and light the fire, but I’m getting pretty good at lighting it up now and we have a little machete to break up the bits into kindling. I’m also getting better at making the Italian coffee but always fill the glass too high as they only drink about a cm of the stuff. Mind you there is no problemo swigging down half a glass of the Sambuca.

The guys have just come in and there is lots of Italian flying around and arm waving I think they are going to tile the floor. Yep they are going to tile the floor and I’m told I have to clear these rooms out to downstairs ASAP. GREAT! Peppe is about a third the size of Sam but very loud and it always makes me start to get the giggles. I call them the Dynamic Duo!

Our Pete the log guy (Alfredo) started chain sawing up the tree after much aimless wandering around for most of the day. He’s loaded up his little blue tractor with the door frames and given us all a toxic cough from burning the rubbish out front.

He hasn’t been spotted since but Peppe reassures us that this is quite “normale” and he has to come back for his chainsaw and scaffold sooner or later.

We finished the gaillo (yellow) on the front of our Yellow farmhouse, I think you’ll be able to see it from the moon. People from across the valley are coming over to have a look at what the Australiani have done to the house (of course it should be white!)


and the gang x

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