italian renovation

Italian Renovation 'Remember why you Started' ~ Some days our Italian renovation,  even the dream home in Italy, has an overwhelming feel to it. Every single place I look something needs to be done. Where to start, what needs doing first, how's the budget going? I find the best way to start is to visualize […] Read More

I thought tonight I would share with you all a little video from our time at Borga Nari, now you just need to bear in mind the following things Big number one - this is not a professional video I created this to send home to my family if you wish you can forward to […] Read More

One of the more memorable homes we saw in Italy is this little one tucked under a natural ledge on the side of the mountain. I loved the thought of stepping out your front door straight on to the main road each morning. We walked over to see if anyone was home but no luck. […] Read More

Italian Rustic Home No these are not our balcony, these are my inspiration photos for our Italian Rustic home. This is the image that will keep us slogging through the renovation. I can imagine our terrace looking just like this, sitting here reading a book and sipping a vino. Dining with friends and taking in […] Read More

The Yellow Farmhouse

  It's a bit hectic here with all the rush to finish off the house before Sam's parents get here. I am in love with our Yellow Farmhouse here in the mountains. It's strange to see the news about the heat in Australia when we are all rugged up here and have blankets up to the chin […] Read More

It has always been important that we keep the rural feel of Borgata Nari. We wanted to keep as much of the character as possible. Preserving part of the stonework on the exterior and interior walls was advised and something we wanted also. We knew the upper floor was the living quarters and the ground […] Read More