casa bianca kitchen

Fresh New Look for Casa Bianca Kitchen

The renovation of the Casa Bianca kitchen is slowly coming along, we were aiming to have it finished before Sam's parents arrived from Australia but then we each fell sick in turn. Sam did manage to get the finish on the wall and ceiling, and…
inexpensive makeover

Behind the Scenes: How to do an inexpensive makeover!

  An Inexpensive Makeover at Casa Bianca (Part One) Why an Inexpensive Makeover? Sam's parents are coming over from Australia, that's WHY! It's been three years since we've seen them and they are arriving here in the last week of…
loft apartment
stay at borgata malpertus

Loft Apartment Opens - discover Bobbio Pellice

 Returning to Bobbio Pellice As soon as I heard the story of this family returning to Bobbio Pellice I was in love with the idea and even happier that they would be spending a night with us here in the Borgata. They were on a journey to rediscover…
christmas blues

Life in the Borgata - an update

Such a lot has been happening here in the Borgata since I posted last. A New Project - The Loft Apartment We have been keeping busy in the lead up to Christmas with work on the guest accommodation in the main house. Sam has been working non…
original bread oven

Courtyard Work - removing the original bread oven

Entering the large double wooden gates to the the lower courtyard the first thing you see is the original bread oven. Dating to 1916 (the date carved in the rock oven door) and with a large area underneath used for the pigs we are told. Sadly…

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