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  Our mountains are blanketed in the first powder of snow, the sun warm but weak, a bit like the cappuccino I'm sipping. A large yellow tractor goes by, stopping for an elderly lady walking with a stick and large white shopping bag. The tractor parks and the driver swings down heading to the café, […] Read More

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home” ~  Matsuo Basho Our journey has taken an unexpected temporary detour, from the Italian Riviera to the wild mountains of Piedmont and the village of Bobbio Pellice, yet I am happy. We seem to be finding our rhythm, a closeness that was somehow missing […] Read More

Continuing on with our stories of renovated villages I'd like to share with you the beautiful San Bernardo... I particularly love this hamlet in the mountains of Piemonte as it was the first time we came across an entire renovated community. Our new house in Veravo is a ten minute walk from the stunning Colletta […] Read More

Throughout the month of November,BootsnAll is inviting bloggers from around the world to join them in a daily blogging project – the 30 Days of Indie Travel Project Day Fourteen :  Quote “Adventure is a path. Real adventure – self-determined, self-motivated, often risky – forces you to have firsthand encounters with the world. The world […] Read More

Throughout the month of November, BootsnAll is inviting bloggers from around the world to join them in a daily blogging project – the 30 Days of Indie Travel Project Day Four:  Kindness Arriving in a new country  can be a shock, although we planned and my husband spoke fluent Italian things were still difficult to […] Read More

I thought tonight I would share with you all a little video from our time at Borga Nari, now you just need to bear in mind the following things Big number one - this is not a professional video I created this to send home to my family if you wish you can forward to […] Read More

So while waiting for our house to sell, I thought I'd share some of our experiences of life at Borga Nari.... Salvatore has decided it would be a good idea to get a goat from our friend Peppe who tells us that the price is very reasonable and we'll get two litres of milk a […] Read More

We were delighted when we explored our new home to find a number of frescoes. The most vivid fresco we found on the wall above a tiny balcony was funnily enough disfigured by the electricity company running pipes through the edge of it. There was no way to reach the balcony other than through the […] Read More

Wednesday, 28 December Another Letter Home... The man on the scaffold with Sam is our friend and muratori Beppe. Beppe lives in Martiniana Po (next village) and his little boy Davide goes to Carina's  pre school (Scuola Materna).  He is such a lovely man, and very patient with our renovation techniques. Sam has to keep […] Read More

There are community farmhouses (rustico borgata) all through the mountains around Gambasca. Ours is called Borga Nari, and we’ve found five others within easy walking distance of our house. We’ve been told by our friend Piera that when Autumn comes they pop up like mushrooms and then we’ll be able to see them all through […] Read More