stay at borgata malpertus

Come and stay at Borgata Malpertus ....we said, never expecting so many wonderful guests to arrive through the year! Summer has passed us by. It's felt like one big party with people arriving as guests and departing as dear friends. Apologies for the sporadic posting here, it's been a big learning curve for us hosting […] Read More

Madonna della Neve Bagnolo

It is unlike any church I've been in. The Santuario Madonna della Neve was visible from the valley floor not far from our house. Shining like a beacon on the hillside we decided to see if we could find it. A few wrong turns and some dirt roads later we arrived. Inside the chapel it […] Read More

  It starts with the locals, with their quality of life, their ability to be happy and their respect for the land they live in. Then the tourists will find a way!" - Carlo Petrini ~ Slow Food Since moving to our Valley in Piedmont we've been up close and personal to the local livestock. […] Read More

living italy

What a difference a year can make, now the faces smiling out of the crowd are friends, people I am slowly coming to know. We came to the fair in our village last year and I felt like a tourist, with no real understanding of the lifestyle, heritage and traditions around me. This year at […] Read More

house hunters international

House Hunters International Our episode of House Hunters International is set to air at last. It feels like we're almost famous, no seriously, the blog is already expanding with new readers (ciao to you if you are new here). Friends that have been reading along from the very start are sharing all over the place […] Read More

  ' The greatest gift of life on the mountain is time. Time to think or not think, read or not read, -- to sleep and cook and walk in the woods, to sit and stare at the shapes of the hills.' Philip Connors A small visual glimpse into our life in the mountains on […] Read More


'I have more memories than if I were a thousand years old' Charles Baudelaire    Kindness comes in many forms, often unexpected. Anita was born here at Malpertus, she knows it's many secrets, heartbreaks and joys. A sparkling eye and an easy laugh, thick brown stockings under worn out shoes she wanders the borgata. Always […] Read More

balma boves

Balma Boves 'All journey's have secret destinations ..' Martin Buber There is nothing like a treasure given to you by a local. Of course finding that treasure is part of the adventure. Following a tiny path to Balma Boves with grass that was almost higher than my Mother in Law I was sure we'd been […] Read More

One of the more memorable homes we saw in Italy is this little one tucked under a natural ledge on the side of the mountain. I loved the thought of stepping out your front door straight on to the main road each morning. We walked over to see if anyone was home but no luck. […] Read More

It has always been important that we keep the rural feel of Borgata Nari. We wanted to keep as much of the character as possible. Preserving part of the stonework on the exterior and interior walls was advised and something we wanted also. We knew the upper floor was the living quarters and the ground […] Read More