our favorite italian villages

Selling our house in Liguria seems like selling part of a beautiful dream, another renovation of course but in a glorious spot. For favorite Italian villages,  Veravo has a hold on my heart. This house is one I don't want to give up but know is totally impractical for us now.The kids are settled in […] Read More


We set off for Liguria with high hopes, expecting beautiful weather, gelato, family time, some much needed rest and relaxation. Each of these arrived in different ways, at unexpected moments, our maiden voyage in the camper van was an education for all of us. We managed to survive without computers, no internet, no online games […] Read More

With so much happening recently I thought it a good idea to catch you all up. The Sydney Morning Herald After some conversations with a journalist we were recently featured in an article in the Sydney Morning  Herald.  Yes we bought a bargain abroad and I still can't believe the price we got our house […] Read More

'I roamed the countryside searching for answers to things I did not understand'  ~Leonardo da Vinci   Veravo is everything I dreamed it would be, wandering into the village I recognized the landmarks from Sams brief video made the day he bought the house. Curved staircases seemingly held up by air and luck, an large […] Read More

Casa Colleverde

When I first 'met' Simon through a wonderful expat group I fell in love with Casa Colleverde.  I loved the attention to detail, the rich colors, the consideration of the way the house would fit into the environment, and the fact that the house wasn't at all rustic but rather ugly. The transformation surprised even […] Read More

When buying a house in Italy keep a look out for the Vendesi sign Something that I loved about our house in Liguria is that it was never for sale. As with many properties in Italy my husband found it totally through word of mouth. On the very last day of his trip to purchase […] Read More

veravo italy

 Veravo, Italy Today for so many reasons I have Veravo on my mind. This little village holds many dreams and I thought I'd share a few images I created for myself.  Yes the last four images are of our house and as you can see it requires a bit of work to bring it to […] Read More

When I first discovered Anna from Beautiful Liguria we had just bought the house in Veravo. All of a sudden we had a new destination, a place to call home in Italy. Now our house would be near the Italian riviera rather than high in the mountains of Piemonte. I had no idea when I […] Read More

'Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you imagined' Henry David Thoreau Yes, we are moving to Italy! No we haven't sold our house yet... everyone seems to be asking us when we are leaving and I have to say I don't know! We have been planning and working towards this […] Read More

So the plan thus far: We (Sam Carina Luca and I) are going to return to Italy to start renovations on the house in Veravo, Liguria in June August 2011 (or earlier if we sell the property in Australia before then). My dear husband has decided it would be a great idea to go by […] Read More