When I out of the blue mentioned to Sam that I wanted to go to Australia and see my Mum he blurted out ‘Oh are you going back to work out how to divorce me?’ …. you could say that we’ve been having some relationship problems! Rather than loving the simple life we’re creating together […] Read More

So much has been happening here in Val Pellice these last few weeks, our Italian Life has been interesting to say the least. Of course we've had the big Fair in the village held to celebrate the animals going up to the high pasture for summer. We ate fairy floss, watched as the road transformed […] Read More

off on a tangent

I've been off on a tangent, and finding my way back to being here with you has been difficult. Everytime I sit down to write a post it feels like I've been away too long, how will I catch up, what will I share, yet like an old friend here you are. Thank you for […] Read More

move to italy checklist

If you are planning a move to Italy then creating your own Move to Italy Checklist is a Must! I have always thought of myself as a forgetful person. As a child I'd be sent to the local milk bar with a list of things to buy only to return shortly after having forgotten to […] Read More

portrait in paris

Convinced I didn't deserve center stage, Carla Coulson you helped me change all that. Not only did I find my inner sexy, adventurous, spirited, passionate sense of self again. I also gave the gift of myself back to my daughter. A Mum who wears red lipstick, high heels and knows how to navigate the Metro. […] Read More

a simple life in italy

Simple Life 'Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things' Robert Brault When I first met Sam his prime goal in life was to be a Millionaire by a certain age, he announced this fact to all his friends and family. I like that about […] Read More

italian living room

 Italian Living Room  "After such a long journey we seem to have found a home we never imagined yet already love."  lisa chiodo Do you ever notice that children don’t talk about inspiration? It’s such a part of them, like joy and laughter, innocence and wonder….they don’t need to look for it in others it […] Read More

little moments

'Your life is made up of little moments, little efforts, little changes, big smiles, and all your hopes and dreams.' Ritu Ghatourey A fraction of a second caught on camera, smiles....always smiles, but of course it's not always like this. In fact right now, a few moments ago, an argument over nothing....hurt feelings and nonsense. […] Read More

christmas in italy

“Our Christmas in Italy has bought us unexpected gifts and moments to treasure" Lisa Chiodo Natale, or Christmas in Italy taught us many lessons this year. A peaceful Christmas, one without stress, with simple moments and even greater joy. The spirit of Christmas felt alive for me for the first time in many years. Not […] Read More

christmas in italy

"Maybe Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more." Dr Seuss What started as a little idea one night whilst feeling homesick has traveled around the globe, then all the way back to a tiny home in the mountains of Northern Italy. Christmas in Italy has started with […] Read More