christmas blues

Life in the Borgata - an update

Such a lot has been happening here in the Borgata since I posted last. A New Project - The Loft Apartment We have been keeping busy in the lead up to Christmas with work on the guest accommodation in the main house. Sam has been working non…
christmas in italy

Christmas in Italy - just to thank you

“Our Christmas in Italy has bought us unexpected gifts and moments to treasure" Lisa Chiodo Natale, or Christmas in Italy taught us many lessons this year. A peaceful Christmas, one without stress, with simple moments and even greater joy.…
christmas in italy

Christmas in Italy - send us a card per favore

'You may have the Universe, if I may have Christmas in Italy' The arrival of our first Christmas card had me thinking as I lay in bed last night. How will I make this Christmas special for the kids, and all I could see was them opening cards…

Merry Christmas - Buon Natale

I am a Melbourne girl at heart, I grew up in the house my parents helped build in East Burwood. We lived at the bottom of a steep hill which was perfect for the numerous billy carts my brothers would build. It was also perfect after rainy weather…