carla coulson

portrait in paris

Convinced I didn't deserve center stage, Carla Coulson you helped me change all that. Not only did I find my inner sexy, adventurous, spirited, passionate sense of self again. I also gave the gift of myself back to my daughter. A Mum who wears red lipstick, high heels and knows how to navigate the Metro. […] Read More

The Birthday Bash and PARIS on hold On the eighteenth I turned fifty, it almost seems like it didn't happen. With all the build up and excitement about going to Paris driving me the last few months celebrating at home and then sleeping through the afternoon was a bit of a bummer. Sam and the […] Read More

time to shine

Time to Shine with Carla Coulson 'Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye' H. Jackson Brown Jr I turn 50 this year in June, and I will be celebrating in Paris. and the beauty of this is that she will show me what everyone else has always known ......that I am beautiful […] Read More

carla coulson

Carla Coulson - Get Published Workshop Some years ago I took an online journalism course. I completed the first two assignments and that was it. The rest of the notes are actually sitting beside my bed in the hope that I will find time to read them. Many of us start something only to have […] Read More

Memories of Venice

The thing I love about Venice is the perfect mixture of soft peach and faded blue, as if it was colored directly from an instagram image. My time there in my backpacking 20's was glorious, warm nights and freedom, wandering without direction and returning to the hostel on a ferry late at night drinking it […] Read More

These are my resolutions... to live life to the fullest! 1. See Andrea Bocelli in concert... You may ask yourself why I chose Andrea Bocelli and this particular song... in 2000 I was pregnant with our first baby... One night I was flicking through the channels on TV and found a concert in Italy. Immediately […] Read More