Borgata Malpertus

borgata malpertus

    By Anna Lebedeva International Living Magazine Looking from our balcony I can see the valley with it's green mountains that touch the clouds in spring and summer. Our village below has stood through time and the fields above our house are filled with Alpine wildflowers of every colour," says Lisa Chiodo, who, together […] Read More

A Taste of the Good Life

the good life

A Good Life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how lucky you are!   Oh the Good Life Having lived now in our beautiful Valley for three years I have started to take the Good Life for granted. Most of our fruit and […] Read More

inexpensive makeover

  Sam's parents are coming over from Australia, that's WHY! It's been three years since we've seen them and they are arriving here in the last week of March. They will be staying with us for three months. So they need a space of their own. With our Loft Apartment taking bookings and our own […] Read More

One big thing I've been working on is a new site dedicated to the restoration project here at Borgata Malpertus. This year we are looking to continue with the restoration here in the Borgata. We'd love you to come and join us in 2016 either here at the blog, over at facebook or with a […] Read More

stay at borgata malpertus

Come and stay at Borgata Malpertus ....we said, never expecting so many wonderful guests to arrive through the year! Summer has passed us by. It's felt like one big party with people arriving as guests and departing as dear friends. Apologies for the sporadic posting here, it's been a big learning curve for us hosting […] Read More

An Italian Renovation   The White House [Casa Bianca] Recently the house next to ours came up for sale, the neighbors have moved to the town and the agent let us know it was for sale. Another Italian Renovation and of course we were interested but hadn't thought it would come up for at least […] Read More

It's all those little moments that make life a very big adventure... unknown We arrived in Milan airport almost a year ago now, and it seems like yesterday until I look at these photos. Our Rustic Italian living room has slowly progressed and although not finished is now a space I love. Creating our rustic […] Read More

A million stars that touch the ground So many secrets to be found Amid the falling snow. Enya First Snowfall I have fallen in love with our brightly colored neighbor...she took some time to grow on me in this valley of 'nebia' houses. She just glows on the hillside now like a brightly lit fire […] Read More

rustic italian

'Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.' Anais Nin It's been a big week here in our part of the valley, Claudio and Sam have been laying the rock floor in the rustic lounge. Getting […] Read More