borga nari

It seems so surreal to be returning to Borga Nari after all these years, time stood still while we were away. Snow drifts gently onto worn rock and our children delight in the tiny flakes. Friends both old and new have welcomed us with warmth and kindness. So now it's time to begin creating our […] Read More

Returning to my heart

My heart my soul my love my family ... back where we belong I'd love it if you could give me some feedback on the new image size....just writing my next post and would love your thoughts. x ciao ciao lisa   […] Read More

I thought tonight I would share with you all a little video from our time at Borga Nari, now you just need to bear in mind the following things Big number one - this is not a professional video I created this to send home to my family if you wish you can forward to […] Read More

rustic farmhouse

Restoring our Rustic Farmhouse Looking back is always interesting when you renovate... the first days at our rustic farmhouse in the mountains of Piedmont were completely naive. We bought the house by torchlight on a sunny day in June. I didn't even go inside I just knew I wanted to live here and nowhere else […] Read More

winter in italy

Our first Winter in Italy  The early hours of the morning when the house is still and sleeping is my favorite time. No sounds of laughter, no calls to solve problems only Mum can solve. A sharp contrast to the relentless pace of the day to come. Checking the kids are warm and sleeping I […] Read More

Wednesday, 28 December Another Letter Home... The man on the scaffold with Sam is our friend and muratori Beppe. Beppe lives in Martiniana Po (next village) and his little boy Davide goes to Carina's  pre school (Scuola Materna).  He is such a lovely man, and very patient with our renovation techniques. Sam has to keep […] Read More

There are community farmhouses (rustico borgata) all through the mountains around Gambasca. Ours is called Borga Nari, and we’ve found five others within easy walking distance of our house. We’ve been told by our friend Piera that when Autumn comes they pop up like mushrooms and then we’ll be able to see them all through […] Read More

Salvatore (Sam to anyone not in Italy) finished painting the walls of the Metato - Castagne (Chestnut) room... Notice the small door (top right hand corner), this is where the chestnuts would be put through onto the mesh for smoking. The walls are covered in a black tar like substance which the locals assure us […] Read More

Well we have found our home in a tiny mountain town called Gambasca, we both love it and in the agents car on the way up the mountain we could hardly contain ourselves. We are now officially living in Italy. Buying a house in Italy is a curious process, everyone dresses up and meets at […] Read More

Today we put a deposit on our house which is about 3 kms out of the town of Gambasca, Piemonte. It is straight up a road that in some spots reminds me of Lombard St (the very crooked road in San Francisco). Are we nuts? Most certainly. Do we want to renovate this rustic farmhouse […] Read More