the reset button

  At this time of year the online white noise becomes almost unbearable, 'set goals' - 'choose your word for the year' - buy buy buy - competing, selling stuff, networking, it's all so 'driven' and I am giving myself permission to opt out, to press the 'Reset Button' as one of my favorites online  […] Read More

carla coulson

Carla Coulson - Get Published Workshop Some years ago I took an online journalism course. I completed the first two assignments and that was it. The rest of the notes are actually sitting beside my bed in the hope that I will find time to read them. Many of us start something only to have […] Read More

When I first discovered Anna from Beautiful Liguria we had just bought the house in Veravo. All of a sudden we had a new destination, a place to call home in Italy. Now our house would be near the Italian riviera rather than high in the mountains of Piemonte. I had no idea when I […] Read More

A big Welcome to my New York Times readers, it's great to meet you here. As you may have guessed I have a passion for Italy.  I'm hoping it's something we share... perhaps we also share similar dreams. A simple home in Italy, a life less hectic, time to spend with my husband and children, […] Read More

Today is not only the first day of Summer in Australia but also the first day after Bootsnall's 30 days of Indie. It's over, what is done is done and there is now no going back.  In case you didn't notice this is what it was all about... On November 1, we launched the first […] Read More