House Hunters International – meets Renovating Italy

house hunters international

House Hunters International

Our episode of House Hunters International is set to air at last. It feels like we’re almost famous, no seriously, the blog is already expanding with new readers (ciao to you if you are new here). Friends that have been reading along from the very start are sharing all over the place and my Mum is trying to figure out how to view our House Hunters International episode in Australia.

Renovating Italy is about to go International……House Hunters International (click on this link for air times and date)

house hunters international

You might have read about our adventures with the crew from House Hunters International back in December. I think we are one of the few families to be featured at Christmas…and yep complete with snow. Well we have an air date for American viewers (July 27th) and once the episode has aired we will be sent a copy. Hopefully we wont be cringing, and will find a way to let you all see the episode asap.

I can’t wait to see the finished product, and find out which house we bought ……. I seriously fell in love with the wrong house.

We were asked to send in a 4 minute audition video (see below), did a skype call with the producer and had five days of filming in total.


Luckily we’re not shy, I was doing wardrobe changes in the car and in the end just thought ‘Oh well this is us, no make up and totally exhausted towards the end’…..

I figure that if we tried to act in some way that wasn’t us then why bother, we want people to see that dreams are possible and changing country can be the best thing you ever do.

So much has happened in the nine months since our House Hunters International episode was filmed. We have purchased further property in the borgata to renovate. Buying the ‘White House’  right next to ours was a lucky break, and came with outbuildings and land. We aim to have it ready for friends and guests to visit come 2015.

In the meantime I hope you are able to enjoy our House Hunters International episode.

Thanks again to all involved you made the entire experience priceless.

Signatureand the gang x







Chasing a Dream – putting on my Big Boots

chasing a dream

Chasing a Dream

 ‘When you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an Adventure is going to happen’

A.A Milne, winnie the pooh

I’ve been doing a lot of this lately, looking for answers and procrastinating big time. Taking a step forward and then two back, ‘Chasing a Dream’  which is lifting me to new realms I hadn’t thought about. It’s time to remind myself of who I am and where I want to be, how I want my life to look and all those dreams still to come to life around me.

We are shaking off our hibernation, recovering from our various coughs and colds and moving forward. Sam is on the mend from his gall bladder operation and has lost five kilo he’s walking each day, (I’m still thinking and talking about walking each day lol). He’s changed his diet and we are eating wholemeal pasta (and the occasional kebab) more fruit and more veggies from our garden.

Having seen the brilliant results achieved by some close friends of ours I can see that it’s not just about changing diet or location or partner or job, it’s about changing mindset. This is something we all know is true yet here we are still in the same place, not for me, not anymore.

We are drawing up a mind-map at the moment and it’s amazing how this simple way of visualizing your thoughts and dreams has us coming up with ideas we’d never even mentioned to each other. Next step is to get the kids on board and find out what their mind maps look like, what is important to them and how can we help them achieve it.

It’s funny that this post is mostly colored with grey and white, I feel like lighting my life up with color right now. Hot pinks and tropical blues, lime green and orange…. florals and flowers, warmth and sunshine, thank goodness for our wonderful electric orange house up on the hillside. It shines like a beacon.

It’s time to put back the spark of creativity into my life, here on the blog and in my home life…Time for Chasing a Dream

What I’m planning this year is a journey of discovery, taking steps each day to move my life in the direction I am inspired by. I am surrounding myself with those who inspire me to dream big, embrace life, enjoy the everyday, and really savor the small moments.

I’ve been enjoying the videos on facebook at the moment, created as a gift by facebook they show a persons life on facebook in the space of a minute or so, mine even inspired me. I can see how far we’ve come, all those things we set out to do we are doing right now, living the life we created and even though it’s not always easy it’s amazing.

chasing a dream

I’m wondering how our life will look a year from now, five years from now….I am creating that life in my mind and taking steps towards it everyday even if only small ones.

I hope you’ll come along, be inspired, embrace your own dreams and have them light you up. I’ll be sharing our renovations of course, our ups and downs, and life here in the borgata, we will be on the road around June of course heading to Paris for my 50th birthday, my in laws are coming for a visit and just next weekend we have some facebook friends coming for lunch that we’ve never met.

“The world is opening up in ways we never planned, we literally left Australia for Italy without a future income, without knowing how we would live, not knowing how it would all look, we just knew that if we didn’t take the chance our dreams would grow smaller and die a slow death, and we’d be miserable.”

I remember actually telling Sam when we were back in Queensland (thinking our house would never sell, that we’d never get back to Italy, that we’d have to put our dream on hold another year), that we should just get on that plane and work it out when we arrived. Making the move without all the answers to some fairly big questions took courage and belief that we will find a way, we’re here now so we have no other option than to work it out or go back to Australia. It’s one way to put your fears and dreams on fast forward, doubts and joys pull me in every direction.

It’s time to find that inner compass and set a steady course, time for some structure and planning, time to expand myself and to gather my family together, a time to set sail, a time for chasing a dream and I hope you’ll be inspired to come along.

This year we are celebrating the things that matter most.

We will be slowing down, enjoying what we have, creating new dreams, loving where we live, connecting with friends and family and creating a simple life.  As the seasons change  we’ll be growing our own food, raising animals, finding treasures, traveling to unknown destinations, and creating a home base that jumps for joy.

I’d like to think that the small things we are doing here will make a difference to you, that you can create a dream and share it with us, that this year will be ‘The next best season of my Life’…….

I am also honored to be on the short list for Italy Magazine’s Best Living in Italy Blog award.

Now take a look at your own life, what’s the one dream that lights you up?

Leave a comment and let me know, and if you have any great advice or ‘chasing a dream’ stories we’d all love to hear them.

Are you chasing a dream?

and the gang x






Our House Hunters International Episode – The valley shines

our house hunters international episode

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 All the world’s a stage,
and all the men and women merely players …

 William Shakespeare
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house hunters international

During our first skype conversation with producer Ethan, we asked him if we would be right for House Hunters International. Our house isn’t grand in fact quite the opposite. We are closer to fifty than thirty and have two young children…….’yes yes don’t worry it’ll be great’.

Now,  I think his vision was spot on. Our valley shone and the people of Bobbio Pellice and Malpertus became  part of the story just as they are in our daily lives. We got to show off our beautiful valley in Piedmont and why we fell in love with it.

I don’t want to let too many ‘cat’s out of the bag but I can say that we had the best time with the crew from House Hunters International, we filmed through snow, rain, and dropping temperatures for a total of five days (Now you know where we disappeared to).

We had to re do many shots as Sam kept saying ‘Bloody Hell’ and I got over enthusiastic with the ‘Oh my God’. We didn’t realize how often we said it until we had to stop ourselves.

Other than that what you see is what you get. The crew are now like our adopted family. They were beyond wonderful, encouraging all the way and fantastic with the kids.

Luca can’t make up his mind which job he wants to take. We couldn’t get him away from behind the camera. Carina glowed and was a natural.  I got to see so many ways our kids could take on a life outside the box.

Sitting together for a final interview gave us a chance to reflect on our new life in Italy…..(you’ll have to wait and see!)

our house hunters international episode

house hunters international

This quiet location saw us stop filming for sheep, men on horseback, a small child on a very squeaky trike, cows being led to barns (all with huge bells), the town hall bell, and curious locals…..still the show went on and nothing fazed our House Hunters International team.

Our Italian estate agent Bruna bought a touch of elegance and of course properties to view, wait till you hear her gorgeous accent.
house hunters international

our house hunters international episode

This lovely store owner called us in to taste his local salami and cheeses, the House Hunters International crew couldn’t help but buy something and we all got photos taken, what a great business man, he had us literally eating out of the palm of his hand.

our house hunters international episode

our house hunters international episode


house hunters international

house hunters international

house hunters international

house hunters international

Luca fell in love with Joe’s ‘skunk’ and thought it wonderful that he could hear us all talking in the other room. Whoever said never work with kids or animals had it all wrong.


house hunters international

So if you ever get that call from House Hunters International I hope you’ll grasp the opportunity with both hands like we did. It’s an experience none of us will ever forget and one I’ll always treasure.

We would like to say a very special thank you to …

Patrizia Geymonat (Mayor) – Sindaco Comune Bobbio Pellice

Community of Malpertus

Community of Bobbio Pellice

Trattoria del Centro – Bobbio Pellice

Bar 1990 – Bobbio Pellice

Ristorante L’Alpina – Bobbio Pellice

Macelleria Dario Geymonat – Bobbio Pellice

La Vignassa – Bed and Breakfast, Torre Pellice

Hotel Villa Glicini – San Secondo Di Pinerolo

Claudio | Paolo | Jane | Enzo | Sarah | Allie | Gill | Ian and Laura owners at La Vignassa


House Hunters International

Our Crew 

Producer – Ethan | Director – David | Camera Men – Gordon and Mike | Sound – Simon and Joe | Behind the scenes – Andrea

And our wonderful Estate Agent







The Great Life Redesign – change

Our Life Redesign has been put on hold.

It’s been an intentionally restful entry to the year so far.

My husband Sam is slowly recovering from Myocarditis which we found out was bought on by Ross River fever. This turned my vibrant hard working man into a bedridden worried patient. All of a sudden life became complicated, life became important and thoughts of Italy were put on hold. In fact everything was put on hold, nothing else matters when someone you love is sick.

Every dream we’ve held dear for so long and worked towards since forever could slip through our fingers. We are waiting on further tests, thus far things look good and I have no doubt we’ll make it to the plane on time.

Change means saying goodbye and trusting that we’re heading in the right direction no matter what. It means letting go of so many things, people, places and starting over literally with what we can fit in a few suitcases. So we walk out of our life to date in thirty eight days, the comfortable habits and certainty that comes with staying in one place. We choose something new, something unknown, challenging and aligned with who we know ourselves to be.


A Life Redesign is scary!

It’s exactly what we know, what we thrive on and the life we love. So over the next few weeks I may not be able to post on a regular basis, everywhere I look I find something that still needs to be done. Time is rushing by and with Sam still recovering I need to step up to the challenge, so stay tuned we are on the move!


and the gang x







The Home Stretch – Sam goes back to hospital


Firstly Happy New Year I really missed everyone and hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

It seems like aeons since our little family were counting in the New Year with friends in Melbourne.  Just days into the new year and Sam my husband wasn’t well. He’d felt this way just before Christmas and called an Ambulance but not gone to hospital.

I must admit I thought he was  being overly dramatic, I’m a ‘soldier on’ type and whilst he had a multitude of symptoms nothing seemed to make sense.

Extreme fatigue, aching shoulders and neck, slight tightness in the chest, and he kept clenching his hands, upset stomach and he thought it could be the result of his tablets so he stopped taking them.

No clutching the heart and dropping to the floor like they show in the movies.

Long story short (mainly because I’m wrecked and have a flu) he ended up in hospital and they at first told us he’d had a mild heart attack but after lots of tests turns out he has Myocarditis  which is an inflammation of the middle layer of the heart wall. Not good, he needs lots of rest and his GP has given him some information and  along with our friend ‘google’ we are getting up to speed on this newest development.

Today is now Friday and he just went off in the ambulance again. I don’t know to where and now wait for a call or message. It’s worrying, but we are determined to sort this out and get him better. We have fifty three days till we leave Australia.

So you will have to forgive me for my absence online, the home stretch seems to be getting longer the faster I run. I’d love to write something profound or thoughtful but right now I’m in overwhelm, shut-down, need a good cry or a glass of wine! Perhaps both.

I’ll endeavor to keep you up to date with our adventures, touch wood nothing else dramatic comes our way.

We are longing to ‘sink into the quiet where our hearts are free to wander’