Gateway to the Alps

Borgata Malpertus – Loft Apartment

Visiting Borgata Malpertus is like stepping back in time to another world, an ancient farming community with narrow pathways, arched doorways, and hidden courtyards.

The hardworking mountain people that still live by the seasons are a treasure of this area.

The valley opens up to the soaring mountains and the high Alpine pastures. Snow melts into a crystal clear river full of Alpine trout.

Imagine picking beans from the vegetable garden, collecting fresh eggs daily, making salami and sharing home-made goats cheese with friends.

Gathering mushrooms, chestnuts and walnuts to store for winter. Learning age old skills from local mountain people.

Step back in time, where history is alive and etched into rock houses over hundreds of years.

Goats sheep and cows with bells tinkling wander past our door.