With dates from the 16th century the Borgata is a living history book. A story often told here is that during WW2 the German soldiers were passing through the Borgata and a partisan shot one of them.

They came back and burned the hay lofts and there are still charred burn marks on the balcony of one of the houses where the owner managed to put out the fire.

Borgata Malpertus

We live within a fully working Borgata at the foot of the Alps in Piemonte. Each day eggs are gathered, cows milked, tractors pass our huge timber gates on the old original road.


We are in the process of restoring two houses here in the Borgata along with various out buildings. Another section of Malpertus is undergoing extensive restoration currently.

It’s wonderful to see such a large project underway here, especially as the owner is Italian.

People & their Stories

Officially the population of Malpertus is listed at 13, sadly since then one of our neighbors ‘Anna’ passed away. She was in her late 80’s and was born here at Malpertus.

Our Borgata now stands at 12 including the 4 of us. At one time it held up to 80 people we are told.

Yet we are a community here, helping each other and sharing good times and bad. We now have a new resident from Turin who is restoring part of the Borgata, he sees the bigger vision just like we do.