Our Italian Life – potatoes & celebrations

So much has been happening here in Val Pellice these last few weeks, our Italian Life has been interesting to say the least.

Of course we’ve had the big Fair in the village held to celebrate the animals going up to the high pasture for summer. We ate fairy floss, watched as the road transformed into a bustling hub with friends and neighbors showing off their herds of cows, sheep, goats and horses.

living italy

fair may 2016

One young man stole the show high above the crowd, as if this was quite normal even going into the bar for a drink.

PicMonkey Collage

It was at the fair that Sam realized his Dad Carlo was much sicker than we thought. It turned out that he has pneumonia, he is now very cranky in hospital for the last week, nobody does hospital stays quite like Carlo.

He was released a few days ago and came straight home from hospital and had a big bowl of pasta.

Both Connie and Carlo have been sick on and off since arriving two months ago. We are on a mission to get them well before the cruise they are due to take in June. Connie has been dreaming of going on a cruise since I first met her over 20 years ago.

Tonight we are going out to help them celebrate 50 Years of Marriage.

carlo hospital dbl

Sam is busy with his new venture [ Renovating Italy – Property ] helping a number of clients wanting to buy property in Italy. Now that the locals are aware of his service he’s been busy documenting various places for sale.

Almost everyone has us saying ‘we’d buy that if we had the spare cash’ so many bargains that with just a little TLC would transform to swans.

I’ve had a lovely break from all the tech side of the online world, instead I’ve been out weeding the trails through Borgata Malpertus, picking wildflowers, meeting friends for catch ups and soaking up the spring sunshine.

The people in the Valley are busy literally ‘making hay while the sun shines’ and newborn lambs attract a crowd of tourists up from Turin with cameras clicking.

Today we planted our potatoes with some friends and then had an al fresco lunch before heading home. These are the friends who found us through the blog and then bought the house we shared on our facebook page, they are Aussies so it’s been fun watching them go through similar things that we went through when we first experienced our Italian Life.


sam carina potatoes

I’ve found homes for two of our five new kittens, they are so gorgeous I could watch them all day. They tumble and fight, doze with full tummy, and even are so brave they have befriended Fiume our dog.

We’ve found a vet that will de-sex the girls for 50 euro (if we bring in three at a time) each so when we are a bit financial we’ll get them done.

Carina and Luca are growing right before our eyes with Luca going on an excursion to the Egyptian Museum in Turin and Carina and her girlfriend spending time together without Mummy supervising at the shopping centre arghhhh!

family dbl

Our Italian Life is good right now!

I’d love to hear what’s been going on with you….?

element signature 2and the gang x





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  1. Sheila Leavitt
    Sheila Leavitt says:

    Hi! We’re from Boston. Fifteen years ago we bought an old apartment I. The centro storico of a little southern Tuscan hill town, and then in a tiny borgo in Liguria. I love Cuneo province and its mountains, but haven’t explored much up as far north as your beautiful area. We just returned from a couple of months in Italy,but maybe next summer we’ll get up to your mountains.
    Looks gorgeous. Thanks for your nice blog.

    • Lisa Chiodo
      Lisa Chiodo says:

      Wonderful Sheila, I visited Boston briefly in my 20’s and it’s beautiful. We are near Cuneo and also had a house in Liguria. Look for you next summer, the mountains are lovely and cool though summer xx ciao lisa

  2. Wynne
    Wynne says:

    Oh, I’ll bet Luca loved the Egyptian museum – I would love to see that myself!

    All good here, between work, Adam, etc. We’re heading to his family’s lakeside cottage (Lake Michigan) in three weeks, and we’re SO excited. Aside from that, livin’ the dream here in hot, steamy (ugh) NYC!


    • Lisa Chiodo
      Lisa Chiodo says:

      The museum is incredible, we went before it was redone so I’d love to see it now. Luca had a great time and came home with many stories. Love hearing about you and your Adam, and enjoy the cottage (I know you will). It’s nice and cool in the mountains LOL xxx much love all the gang

  3. Donna mifsud
    Donna mifsud says:

    Hi Lisa
    Life is looking good for you all. I am so glad Sam’s parents made it over there and I am sure it will be hard to say goodbye to them. I have been in Paris with my friend Ruth and have had the loveliest time but I think Italy has my heart.
    I am in Jordan now, this is where my friend lives. It’s very different here in all ways. We are celebrating turning 50, although celebration is not the right word, running away seems more like it ha ha ha.
    All is good back in Australia on my island home.
    It looks like Laura will be married next April (but it is not official yet so hush, hush)
    Aiden is moving around ‘finding himself’.
    Jared still living and working in Japan doing what he loves, singing and dancing.
    Your children are growing beautifully.
    I find it hard being an ’empty nester’ but they must go and live their lives.
    Amman, Jordan where I am us waking up. The hustle and bustle of the traffic outside getting louder.
    There is a goat herd that moves around the hills near Ruth’s apartment. The baby goats chasing each other are very cute as is the Shepard boy tending to them. A bit surreal for me.
    Anyway it’s so lovely to see your life each week.
    One day I will get over to you.
    Much love

    • Lisa Chiodo
      Lisa Chiodo says:

      Oh such exciting news and yep hush hush! Love seeing all your pictures and you look so well and happy! Your kids are so inspiring and loved seeing them grow a little bit. Paris for your 50th is a dream and so glad you got to experience it….such a beautiful city isn’t it. Sending love to you all and we are heading to Venice this week for a break, can’t wait xxx


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