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The French House – a little tour

Returning to my tale of Borga Nari, it’s late Autumn. The air has a chill straight from the mountains. Leaves are blanketing the path and soon there will be deep snow. We are yet to meet our neighbors, the French people. We’ve been told they come in Summer and I can’t wait to meet them. Theirs is the only section of rustic Borga Nari that has been totally renovated.

I thought I’d show you a little movie, this was something I did to send home to our parents so please excuse my amateur video.

Life’s Postcards

The lost village – Abandoned in the Mountains

I thought tonight I would share with you all a little video from our time at Borga Nari, now you just need to bear in mind the following things

  • Big number one – this is not a professional video
  • I created this to send home to my family
  • if you wish you can forward to around 1:18 (you’ll miss our gorgeous daughter if you do)
  • I’d love it if you’d let me know your thoughts, more video, less video would you like to see inside our world?
  • continue on at your peril…..

So this clip was taken on an Autumn walk with my daughter Carina, we wandered down the trail behind the house to the stream passing the most incredible abandoned Borga which was almost totally hidden in the undergrowth.




Our Rustic farmhouse in the Mountains – a little film…

rustic farmhouse

Restoring our Rustic Farmhouse

Looking back is always interesting when you renovate… the first days at our rustic farmhouse in the mountains of Piedmont were completely naive. We bought the house by torchlight on a sunny day in June. I didn’t even go inside I just knew I wanted to live here and nowhere else seemed possible. It was love at first sight.

The house was just above the village of Gambasca, and had a view in both directions through the Valley. With a big terrace that caught the sun, and so much potential we just couldn’t resist and soon after it was ours.

So this is Salvatore taking a walk around the grounds and into the house, (we filmed constantly to send home to our parents). Apparently my mother in law cried when my Mum told her about the dirt floors.

For us it was all a big romantic adventure, a chance for the children to experience the “real” Italy.

And boy did we experience it!

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