Fiume - a dog lost, our hearts broken

Fiume loved to prance. In the afternoons I'd play with him on the ancient road outside our house. He'd pick up a stick and I'd chase him about, letting him race past me, growling at each other when I finally managed to grab the stick. The…
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Why move to Italy?

    ‘Your life is made up of little moments, little efforts, little changes, big smiles, and all your hopes and dreams.’ Ritu Ghatourey Last night sitting in bed with Luca asleep beside me, (he was having a nap to make it…
hospital by helicopter

Hospital by Helicopter - I love you, I don't want to die

  Those moments in our bedroom waiting for the ambulance as Carina struggled to breathe, tried to write 'I love you' and repeated over and over 'I don't want to die, I love you, I don't want to die, get Daddy, tell Daddy I love him' slurred…
portrait in paris

Portrait in Paris - with Carla Coulson

Portrait in Paris For many years I have been missing, behind the camera instead of in front. Convinced I didn't deserve center stage, Carla Coulson you helped me change all that. Not only did I find my inner sexy, adventurous, spirited,…
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Rustic Italy - Stay with Us - an update

Stay with Us "Seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary" Robin Williams - Dead Poets Society   It feels like a new phase of our life here in the valley is underway at the moment. A positive feeling of accomplishment, moving…
a new way of seeing

A New Way of Seeing - workshop

A New Way of Seeing 'My destination is no longer a place, but a New Way of Seeing' Marcel Proust Just over a week ago I received an Invitation from Di Mackey to attend a photography workshop in Genoa - A New Way of Seeing. It felt like…

My 50th Birthday - putting Paris on hold

The Birthday Bash and PARIS on hold On the eighteenth I turned fifty, it almost seems like it didn't happen. With all the build up and excitement about going to Paris driving me the last few months celebrating at home and then sleeping through…
The Iceberg Project
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Our Podcast interview with The Iceberg Project

 'In Italy, I finally got over the wall of half-assed language learning' cher hale - The Iceberg Project Cher Hale from The Iceberg Project recently invited me to speak with her about our life in Italy and of course learning the language.…