international living magazine

LIFESTYLE Recently we were invited to speak with Anna Lebedeva for International Living Magazine about our life in Italy and of course renovations. International Living have been helping people retire overseas for more than 30 years now. We hope you enjoy the article and of course if you have any questions or comments we'd love […] Read More

move to italy checklist

If you are planning a move to Italy then creating your own Move to Italy Checklist is a Must! I have always thought of myself as a forgetful person. As a child I'd be sent to the local milk bar with a list of things to buy only to return shortly after having forgotten to […] Read More


We made the move to Italy looking for a better life for ourselves and our children, we have never seen ourselves within somebody's timetable. Today on Valentines Day it seems the perfect time to recommit to all we are creating here in Italy, to each other and to our children who are the inspiration for […] Read More

leap of faith

It's only been a week since I had to leave Italy, boarding a plane and returning to Australia. Making the long flight alone and hitting the ground running. I'm heading home to Mum, she needs me and that's all that matters right now. Sam booked the flights and sat up most of a night waiting […] Read More

changing your life

“All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney   It feels as if we've never left Italy and in less than a week we've already done a million and one things. I am in a total whirl. Totally changing your life is a big task. Today […] Read More

Bangkok Dreaming

bangkok girls

We were to stop in Bangkok for ten days of rest, recovery and exploration. Things didn't work out that way and I felt as if Thailand was trying to tell me something that I just couldn't quite capture. As she pressed each tense muscle on my body I resisted, anger, fear, and pain refused to […] Read More

leaving melbourne mum

Well we are leaving for the airport in less than an hour and heading off on the first part of our journey to Italy. It's going to be ten days in Bangkok. So this is going to have to be brief. It's been such an emotional week here in Melbourne with all the goodbyes. We […] Read More

addictive blog award

Addictive Blog Award and Heading to Italy We leave Queensland in five days heading for Melbourne, Bangkok then on to Italia. The last few weeks have been flat out, so much happening and I can let you know that moving country can be a bit stressful. Even though I am a fairly calm person this […] Read More

inspiration section-of-building

'Believe you can and you're halfway there'    ~ Theodore Roosevelt   Inspiration is a gift beyond measure, it is both to be inspired and inspire others. It is a gift I wish I could wrap up in ribbon and give to you. That our journey has inspired so many of you to start dreaming, […] Read More


My husband Sam is slowly recovering from Myocarditis which we found out was bought on by Ross River fever. This turned my vibrant hard working man into a bedridden worried patient. All of a sudden life became complicated, life became important and thoughts of Italy were put on hold. In fact everything was put on […] Read More