On tour with Carmen Darwin ‘Revel in the Riviera’

Carmen Darwin

Stepping off the train in Rapallo (and feeling a little bedraggled) we were met by Carmen Darwin looking casually elegant in a black pant suit. I immediatley knew that her Revel in the Riviera tour was going to be something special! Bold, stylish, determined, and with an eye for detail. Her favourite quote is "You […] Read More


Interview – with International Living Magazine

borgata malpertus

    By Anna Lebedeva International Living Magazine Looking from our balcony I can see the valley with it's green mountains that touch the clouds in spring and summer. Our village below has stood through time and the fields above our house are filled with Alpine wildflowers of every colour," says Lisa Chiodo, who, together […] Read More


Pressing the ‘Reset Button’

the reset button

  At this time of year the online white noise becomes almost unbearable, 'set goals' - 'choose your word for the year' - buy buy buy - competing, selling stuff, networking, it's all so 'driven' and I am giving myself permission to opt out, to press the 'Reset Button' as one of my favorites online  […] Read More


We’re Idiots! – marriage and the Simple Life

When I out of the blue mentioned to Sam that I wanted to go to Australia and see my Mum he blurted out ‘Oh are you going back to work out how to divorce me?’ …. you could say that we’ve been having some relationship problems! Rather than loving the simple life we’re creating together […] Read More


A Taste of the Good Life

the good life

A Good Life is when you assume nothing, do more, need less, smile often, dream big, laugh a lot and realize how lucky you are!   Oh the Good Life Having lived now in our beautiful Valley for three years I have started to take the Good Life for granted. Most of our fruit and […] Read More


Our Italian Life – potatoes & celebrations

So much has been happening here in Val Pellice these last few weeks, our Italian Life has been interesting to say the least. Of course we've had the big Fair in the village held to celebrate the animals going up to the high pasture for summer. We ate fairy floss, watched as the road transformed […] Read More


Off on a Tangent – finding my way back to you

off on a tangent

I've been off on a tangent, and finding my way back to being here with you has been difficult. Everytime I sit down to write a post it feels like I've been away too long, how will I catch up, what will I share, yet like an old friend here you are. Thank you for […] Read More


Fresh New Look for Casa Bianca Kitchen

casa bianca kitchen

The renovation of the Casa Bianca kitchen is slowly coming along, we were aiming to have it finished before Sam's parents arrived from Australia but then we each fell sick in turn. Sam did manage to get the finish on the wall and ceiling, and he has started the floor tiles (which look great) but […] Read More


Behind the Scenes: How to do an inexpensive makeover!

inexpensive makeover

  Sam's parents are coming over from Australia, that's WHY! It's been three years since we've seen them and they are arriving here in the last week of March. They will be staying with us for three months. So they need a space of their own. With our Loft Apartment taking bookings and our own […] Read More


Making Salami at Borgata Malpertus #1

This year we (I mean Sam) made our own salami with our friends here in the Borgata. We have done this once before but this time Sam made a hotter Calabrese salami rather than the milder Piemontese one. This is our neighbor Claudio and his son, although Sam was hard at work he was also […] Read More