Tuesday, October 21, 2014
Post image for Hospital by Helicopter – I love you, I don’t want to die

  Those moments in our bedroom waiting for the ambulance as Carina struggled to breathe, tried to write ‘I love you’ and repeated over and over ‘I don’t want to die, I love you, I don’t want to die, get Daddy, tell Daddy I love him’ slurred like she was drunk, not knowing we were […]


Post image for Casa Bianca – renovating Italian houses

  Renovating Italian Houses has become a little like renovating our lives Slowly stripping back to the essentials. Finding the bare bones. Seeing what can be done with what you’ve got.   Renovating Italian houses means removing the signs of a life hard lived. A fresh start, enhancing the beauty, removing the barriers. Finding what […]


Post image for Creating a Simple Life – tantrums dinosaurs and the rude finger

today walking to school Luca and I dodged Dinosaurs, sadly one of them ate the rather large dog that was barking at us. today my girl burst into tears, school is really hard, she has Italian grammar homework, she doesn’t know why she gets so angry. she climbed into my lap just like she did […]


Post image for Portrait in Paris – with Carla Coulson

For many years I have been missing, behind the camera instead of in front. Convinced I didn’t deserve center stage, Carla Coulson you helped me change all that. Not only did I find my inner sexy, adventurous, spirited, passionate sense of self again. I also gave the gift of myself back to my daughter. A […]


Post image for Life is full of beautiful moments

Life is full of beautiful moments  this is why we came to Italy for our Children, for a simpler lifestyle and to find ‘us’ again….. I love messy, I love life and dirt and skinned knees, I love my kids playing outside, rounding up chickens, open hearts, a treasure hunt every day, joy in each […]


Post image for Rustic Italy – Stay with Us – an update

Stay with Us “Seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary” Robin Williams – Dead Poets Society   It feels like a new phase of our life here in the valley is underway at the moment. A positive feeling of accomplishment, moving forward and creating new dreams. Most of our concern to date has been […]


Post image for A New Way of Seeing – workshop

A New Way of Seeing ‘My destination is no longer a place, but a New Way of Seeing’ Marcel Proust Just over a week ago I received an Invitation from Di Mackey to attend a photography workshop in Genoa – A New Way of Seeing. It felt like a ‘sign’ After much discussion regarding finances, […]


Post image for House Hunters International – meets Renovating Italy

House Hunters International Our episode of House Hunters International is set to air at last. It feels like we’re almost famous, no seriously, the blog is already expanding with new readers (ciao to you if you are new here). Friends that have been reading along from the very start are sharing all over the place […]


Post image for Favorite Italian Villages – selling the house

Selling our house in Veravo Liguria seems like selling part of a beautiful dream, another renovation of course but in a glorious spot. For favorite Italian villages,  Veravo has a hold on my heart. This house is one I don’t want to give up but know is totally impractical for us now.The kids are settled […]


Post image for Rustic Farmhouse – Clearing out Casa Bianca

No matter the set backs with our rustic farmhouse we always keep moving forward. Over the past month I’ve been out of action with a mystery illness. Sam has continued to work on ‘Casa Bianca’ next door to our house, we hope to have it habitable so friends and family can come to stay with […]